About area rugs

Area Rugs are the perfect seasonal touch for fall! Protect your underlying floor covering and keep your house cleaner during the in-and-out weather of autumn.

When the look of your space has to be just-so, consider a custom area rug. We have an exciting array of styles and colors to fit nearly any decor and budget. And our area rugs are expertly trimmed to size and finished to provide a quality, durable result for your living areas.

A must for a home with hardwood or tile

Area rugs help provide a soft, comfortable surface over a hardwood or tile floor. This soft touch can really help both the comfort and visual appeal of rooms, especially living rooms and dens.

Create space within a space

Area rugs aren't necessarily a focal point, but they play an important role in the décor of large rooms. An appropriately sized area rug or runner helps create a sense of space. They can help a room that otherwise seems "too open" feel just right.

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Customized service for a perfect fit

Do you need an area rug in a non-standard shape? Trust the expertise of our installers. Quality installation of flooring is our passion, and essentially every product we install requires customization. Area rugs are no different. And we will help provide guidance to make sure you can care for your area rug and enjoy it for years to come.