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Blog > What to know about hardwood flooring colors

What to know about hardwood flooring colors

Monday, September 26, 2022 2:53 PM Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring in Greenwood, SC from Reagan Flooring

Choosing the perfect hardwood flooring is easier than you think, especially regarding the ideal colors. There are several to choose from, and some options will work better for you than others.

If you’ve never considered the color choice for your hardwood, this is a great time to learn more. Take time to consider these options with your upcoming remodel.

Light hardwood color benefits

Light stain colors are trendy now, offering stylish options that keep you current for years. And this option offers many benefits that are sure to serve your needs.

With light-colored wood floors, you won't be able to see dirt, dander, and debris as quickly as with dark hues. Light choices are a perfect way to brighten a room and make it look bigger and airier.

Dark hardwood color benefits

When dark hardwood colors are added to large rooms, it creates a coziness, making the room seem smaller. In addition, these colors aren't likely to fade because they absorb light rather than absorb it.

This color choice is a perfect way to create elegance and rustic charm to match décor schemes that lean in that direction. You’ll love the richness hardwood flooring adds to any room, so consider whether they fit your needs.

Don’t forget to ask about high-variation color schemes, which can add visual depth and character. It’s a great way to match a wide range of décor choices.

Find your perfect hardwood flooring color

Reagan Flooring is the perfect place to find wood flooring in Greenwood, SC. Our associates offer years of experience to help you find the ideal match for your home.

When you’re ready to choose your hardwood flooring, visit our showroom in Greenwood, SC. We work with residents from:

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