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What to know about cork flooring

Thursday, July 7, 2022 12:44 PM Cork Flooring, Choosing Flooring
Cork flooring in a Greenwood, SC home

If you've never experienced cork flooring before, now is a great time to see if it fits your needs. It could match your requirements and offer even more features you'll love.

These floors are growing in popularity even though they're not a new floor covering. You'll find impressive benefits that cater to your needs as an all-natural material.

Enjoy durability and more

Cork flooring resists scratches, cracks, and indentions for surfaces that keep going. In addition, they naturally resist heat, mold, pets, and water, with natural oils in this product line.

They resist wearing as well, especially when you choose cork kitchen flooring. In this busy area, you'll find benefits that serve you well.

What about the visual appeal of cork flooring?

Most homeowners keep the natural look of cork, but you can choose a variety of finishes. Consider opting for a prefinished material if you need a faster installation.

Over time, cork ages, but you can paint them for different decor matching needs.

The installation process and requirements

You should choose an underlayment of at least a quarter of an inch thick. This helps increase comfort and performance, especially over existing floors.

Cork floor tiles may be your best choice, as they are faster and easier to install. We can also remove and replace them faster in the event of damage or wear.

Visit our showroom for your cork flooring needs

At Reagan Flooring, we offer an excellent selection of materials and services. Our experienced associates are here to help you through, from start to finish.

From product selection through installation, you can expect our complete dedication. If you have questions, we have answers.

When you're ready to explore cork flooring, visit our Greenwood, SC showroom location. From there, we serve residents from communities like:

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