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Blog > Sheet vinyl flooring for excellent waterproof protection

Sheet vinyl flooring for excellent waterproof protection

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 12:00 AM Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Greenwood, SC from Reagan Flooring

If you’ve been wondering about sheet vinyl flooring, you should know the product line boasts extensive benefits. It's a beautiful addition to any décor scheme and offers features that will serve you for up to 15 years.

It’s also one of the best options for complete waterproof protection, even in laundry rooms and bathrooms. Here are some facts about these benefits and how they can serve your family.

Why is sheet vinyl flooring waterproof?

These products are made primarily of PVC, with other ingredients that also cater to a waterproof character. You’ll also find a complete lack of seams makes vinyl sheet impervious to water.

There’s no way for water to seep beneath the surface, so there’s no way it can create foul odors. For many homeowners, this is a selling point that allows for cleanup on your schedule without time constraints.

The visual appeal of sheet vinyl

You will want to experience all the beauty of these products, including natural look materials, artistic designs, and abstract prints. Matching your décor won't be a problem, and you can choose from trends that will keep your sheet vinyl flooring current for years.

Some appearance options are only found in the sheet vinyl flooring line, so take the time to browse at your convenience. You’re sure to find a perfect match for your décor.

A showroom with the right flooring

Reagan Flooring understands your /, and we go above and beyond to ensure you get the perfect match. We offer superior materials, expert installations, and communication from initial contact through installation cleanup for your best results.

You can visit our showroom any time for the best sheet vinyl flooring in Greenwood, SC. From there, we serve residents from Greenwood, Abbeville, Anderson, McCormick, and Clinton, SC, and we look forward to working with you.