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Blog > Four tips for hardwood flooring installation

Four tips for hardwood flooring installation

Monday, November 28, 2022 4:58 PM Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring in Greenwood, SC from Reagan Flooring

When you choose hardwood floors, you'll have plenty of options to take advantage of in visuals, performance, and durability. The installation process could make the most significant difference for your flooring.

Preparing for the hardwood flooring installation is as important as the installation itself and will yield excellent results. Here are four tips for making the most of this service.

1. Plan for acclimation
– Acclimation equalizes the humidity between the flooring and the environment. The acclimation process can take one to three days. It's the best way to prevent floors from warping, cracking, or splitting after your wood flooring installation.

2. Clear the area
– Removing all furniture and valuables is crucial to remove all the old flooring. Be sure the installation team has access to electrical outlets and a clear path in and out of your home.

3. Run HVAC unit normally
– Running the heat and air system as you usually would is essential during the acclimation and installation process. Keep their temperatures set at a range you and your installation team discussed.

4. Always choose professional installation
– It can be tempting to cut corners and choose a lesser wood flooring installation, but we advise against it. The professional installation gives you peace of mind and ensures your warranties remain valid.

For more information about hardwood flooring and its services, stop by any time. We’ll take your vision and bring your dream flooring to life.

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